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Wedding - Christian

Marriage is of two hearts and two minds, it is also about the community family, relatives, neighbours and friends. People who will support, encourage and guide you on your journey together. Now how will you inform these important people of the big step you’re taking?

At David & Company, we offer you a variety of ways to inform your family and friends of your Big Day. Cards with florals, chariots, cupids, hearts, doves, etc. in single paper, single card, 2 fold and 3 fold, with the most inspiring words and quotes.

After deciding on your invitations – the style, colour, type of printing, and the invitation wordings – tell us the number of cards you will require. While deciding on the number of invitees (number of invitations) consider at least 25-35 cards extra. This is in case you miss out somebody (something that inevitably happens), you won’t need to reprint cards at the last minute which will cost you extra per card, may consume time, and requires a minimum quantity of 50 cards.

When submitting your order, type or write out clearly the wordings exactly as you want it to appear, including spacing, capital letters and punctuation. You will receive a final proof before we print your cards. Please carefully check the spelling etc. to avoid problems later.
We normally take a week to execute your order, though we can accommodate you on an urgent basis too. Ordering your invitation at least 2 months in advance should give you sufficient time to address and assemble them.

Besides the invitation cards, we also offer other cards like Reply Back Cards (RSVP), Thank You Cards, Nuptial Mass Booklets, Place Cards, Cake boxes/Cake bags etc. to make your wedding the perfect occasion. These can be printed with the same design as your invitation cards.

Reply Cards (RSVP): You really can’t expect everybody you invite to turn up for your wedding. But then how will you ever know how many finally will? Simply by including a Reply Back Card (RSVP) with your invitation. Now you’ll know exactly how many people to expect at your wedding.

Thank You Cards: After the wedding, courtesy demands that you send Thank You Cards for all the thoughtful presents/cash you received. In the case of gifts of cash, it is polite to mention what you intend to purchase/do with their thoughtful gift.

Nuptial Mass Booklets: Your Nuptial Mass is going to be the most anticipated part of your D-day. You want it to be perfect. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody followed the Mass, its readings, the offertory narration, the hymns, etc. you so painstakingly compiled? You would also like the congregation to join in the singing. Hence a Mass Booklet is essential. Distribute it around before the Mass. Wholehearted participation is ensured.

Cake boxes/Cake bags: If you intend to send pieces of your wedding cake later to friends, relatives and neighbours (as is the custom in many families), a cake box/bag with your names inscribed on it is in order. This will add an elegant touch to a fairy tale wedding.

Envelope Seals : To give your invitations that final touch. 

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